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A Poem by Matt: When Wal-Mart Became Apple

In the days of yonder, circa ‘04
Wal-mart dominated news discourse
Its strength was a contradiction, you see
Despite gruels and growls from the labor crowd,
The array of products ensured Bentonville proud
Toys, carrots, and toaster ovens, Oh wow!

Wal-mart was the category killer whale
Fending off harpoons with its blue PR tale
Despite an edict from an old gray cloud
Its news remained deft and loud

But, one day the harpoons decreased in scope
The Kindle became hot and Borders lost hope
Cyber Monday came thrice a week
ipods and ipads and icloud, Oh sleek!

An Apple a day keeps the pundits away
Is what we originally thought
But when Apples became ubiquitous
Its perfection began to rot

Lawsuits, privacy and GPS tracking
Its love was taking a cyber-whacking
Then Granny Smith went on a mission
Citing China working conditions

Despite attacks from many sides,
Apple continues to thrive and thrive
While being framed in a penalty box
It joins the leaderships’ paradox

Fame and fortune and favor, Part moot!�
The ipod made Apple a low-hanging fruit
Liking Apple to Wal-Mart is perhaps a climb,
Although, apart by a decade in time

By:  Matt Merlin

Posted by Peggy Lim

Analysts Love Talking Apple To Media, Even When Steve Jobs Isn’t On Stage

Conversation around Apple’s big iCloud announcement was certainly a huge media focus this week. One of my favorite quotes I’ve read about the story comes from the Washington Post: “Steve Jobs, who delivered personal computing to the rest of us, is now doing more through the iCloud to get rid of personal computing than anyone.”

In many ways, the cloud is old news, as devices with an Android operating system have actually been more cloud-friendly than Apple’s up until now. A media analyst at Gartner said in the New York Times: “Yes, Google and Amazon get to say that they were first….Apple’s service was superior.”

Authoritative quotes like these help journalists shape technology stories without sounding preachy. And with Apple being perceived as an innovator, there’s always a story to tell. That’s a major reason why Apple consistently has more analyst quotes than other major tech and media companies in the Cision Index.

Check out the graph above from January to May 2011. Even when Steve Jobs isn’t telling Apple’s story, the media are through analysts quotes!

Posted by Matthew Merlin

Android Powers More Than Smartphones; How it Drives Google's Coverage

I’m continually amazed at the amount of coverage Google receives. Just a while back, I posted an infographic to the Cision Index that highlighted just how much of an audience Google amasses in only one week’s time. Between the sheer volume of content and the amount of variety they receive in their coverage, it can be a challenge at times analyzing Google’s reputation.

However, amongst all the variety, Google has constants in terms of what is driving their reputation. One of them is the Google-owned, world-renowned operating system, Android.

Android is no slouch when it comes to receiving its fair share of coverage either. In addition to powering handheld devices across the world, it does a tremendous job in enhancing Google’s reputation. In fact, one-fifth of Google content includes Android placements. To illustrate the rate at which Android is mentioned, in all of Q1 2011 Android managed to receive more placements than nearly 80% of the other brands tracked on the Cision Index.

Most importantly, Google’s average impact across potential audiences is 20 percentage points higher when Android is mentioned.

While Android mentions do not dominate Google’s coverage, it is clear that Android is a key contributor to Google’s coverage. A contributor that if anything, appears to only be getting stronger and more well-known as time goes on.

Posted by admin

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